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Eislingen Return

The Living Room

Chris and I just hung around the house today. We worked on a "Windows 10" problem with her computer, and read the newspaper. Chris kept laundry moving through her little clothes washer/dryer.

Mindi and Fin found a place to live in Bayreuth. Mindi has started organizing her stuff to move, and their apartment is in some disarray. My visit and stay here doesn't help, but things are working.

I enjoy reading the Sentinel every day. It's on the internet by about 10 AM CEST (Central Europe Summer Time). It's great to see what's happening (well, not so great...), and to have a newspaper I can read. About a month ago, I stopped delivery of the paper copy, and have gotten used to the electronic version. I like it. Surely, this is the fate of newspapers- They become news-screens.

Even though most Germans speak English, they naturally prefer to speak their own language, and I don't find myself in too many conversations at social events. When I do, the first question I get from Germans is "How did Donald Trump get elected?" This is a toughy, because I ask myself the very same question each time I see some news about him, and I have no sensible answer. This makes for some interesting, if linquistically complex, conversation.

Seen from a different perspective, US politics look even pettier.


Doing a daily blog is an unusual experience. Most of us have "I'm just gonna veg" days now and then. I have more than most people, I think. Doing a blog is like a self-renewing homework assignment. It forces you to take time to do it, and to think before about what you want to say. The blogging program I'm using is primative (you may have noticed it does not spell check ), and has flaws I see now but can't fix. Still, it's working well enough, and I'm glad I have it.

Tomorrow, we are going to visit one of Chris' childhood friends, and Mindi is starting her summer job at her dad's workplace. School starts in October for her.

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