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Strasbourg- The Final Day

Today was our last day in the city. Mindi and Fin were driving in to meet us at the train station to take us back to Eislingen. They weren't coming until about 6 PM, so we had a pretty full day to explore some more. Chris and I kinda retraced our steps from other days, and I grabbed a few photos.

Chris and I got a fellow photographer to shoot us in front of the grand entrance of the cathedral
Sitting on the cathedral
Lipstick Shop
Old Buildings
Cathedral Central Door
Rainy City Traffic

Mindi and Fin arrived at the train station to pick us up, and we drove straight home. Having eaten about six meals already, we were fairly peckish, and stopped for Chinese takeout in Eislingen.

Tomorrow, we're invited to a barbecue at Chris' brother's home. I've never met George and Dorina in my other trips, so that's special. Their home is about 70 km away.