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Barbecue in Asperg

Sunday we all piled into Chris' Golf and Mindi drove us to Asperg for a barbecue.

Chris' brother and sister-in-law, George and Dorina live in a modern apartment about a half hour east of Stuttgart. They also rent small lot from a farmer nearby, which they use to play outdoors. They invited us to a barbecue there.

The little lot is fenced and gated, and, after 10 years, well-planted with flowers and shrubs, and improved with a shed, firepit, and barbecue grill. It's about 5 minutes walking distance from their apartment.

Woodpile and supplies

We had a fine, sunny day, and spent hours soaking up the fresh air and a few beers. George is the chef, and was busy preparing vegetables and meats, and setting up his two fires- the grill and the firepit.

Dorina, Fin, Mindi
Fin, Mindi and I
Our industrious chef
Potatoes frying over the firepit.

Dinner was enormous and delicious.

We had:

grilled beef, pork, lamb, and mici (Romanian sausages),

grilled and fried zuchinni, and eggplant,

fried potatoes and mushrooms,

tomatoe salad with onions,

and lots of bread and beers.

Our group