Letter from Lynn Dehlinger

11 November 2014


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Good evening, I am writing concerning the situation with the Tuesday night bridge game. My husband and I have been playing in this group for the past three years, since Bill first started bridge under the tutelage of Perry Poole. It is an enjoyable evening, and having played bridge at various studios in other cities, I have been impressed with Perry as a dedicated director, with a passion for the game who instills that in his students and those who play in his game.

His attention to the etiquette and rules of the game has helped many players feel comfortable in the duplicate format, and prepared them to play in sectionals, regionals, and nationals. His strong personality is sometimes necessary with a room of 50 people, and he has handled the majority of issues that I have witnessed in a professional manner. After being called a name not fit for print by an opponent, I called Perry to the table whereupon Perry issued a stern warning to the offender. After another incident with someone else on a different evening, the player was ejected from the game. Perry rightfully stood up and took appropriate action when a bully was out of control.

In my opinion, the board should listen to the players that pay money to play bridge on Tuesday night. If the environment was not good, how do you explain the large turnout for Tuesday night games.

And let me point out, that people still working cannot play bridge during the daytime, so a night game is important to grow your clientele. There is no other night that offers bridge that has the turnout that Perry's Tuesday night game does. He must be doing something right.

I hope that you will reconsider his game and recognize that Perry's game and bridge lessons further the game and love of bridge to people from all walks of life.

Thank you for your consideration.

Lynn Dehlinger


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