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Between Towns

After our long auto trip yesterday to and from Bayreuth, we spent today goofing off. Chris and I made another trip to the grocery store to get some shrimp to make shrimp salad, one of her favorite dishes. Neither Mindi nor Fin wanted this. (She's a vegetarian and he ate with his family.) We had this with a nice bottle of red wine and homemade fried potatoes. The high point of the day was eating dinner!

Our plan for tomorrow has changed. The train we planned to take from Stuttgart to Strasbourg was cancelled for track damage. The alternate route involves 5 train changes, so we're going by car. Mindi and Fin drive us to Strasbourg (about 2.5 hours), look around some on their own, then drive back to Eislingen so they could make another house-hunting trip to Bayreuth. They will return for us on Saturday.

So, we all turned in early to get an early start on another day of car travel.

Foliage in Chris' courtyard
Neighboring house.