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Jet Lagged

Flowerbox in a neighbor's window
Recycling bottles for deposit refund.

I awoke Saturday at 9AM, after 12 hours of sleep. We had no big plans for today, expecting that I'd be jet lagged. The four of us ate a leisurely breakfast, and lounged around a bit, then Chris and I headed to the grocery store to get food for dinner.

Grocery stores here are much like they are in the USA. There are some differences.

--A deposit required for using a shopping cart. You need a 1 Euro coin to disconnect the cart from the stack of carts, which is returned to you when you reattach the cart to the last cart returned.

--Plastic bottles are returned. A deposit is charged for these, which is returned when you bring the bottle back. Cashiers work seated, and customers bag their own purchases.

--The bakery is a rented kiosk in the store, and operates independently. We bought bread as we left and paid for it there.

Produce at the supermarket
Supermarket in Eislingen

Chris was making schnitzel and mashed potatoes with garlic sauce. Mindi and I helped, peeling garlic, mashing potatoes and pounding pork medalions flat and seasoning them. This was a great meal, and I would have a good picture of it except I ate it so fast!

It wasn't the wine, but the timezone changes. Chris and I slipped off to bed at about 8PM. I slept until 9AM on Sunday.