Committee For the Players


Rev 13 Jan 2015

This Committee

 For the Players is a committee formed by concerned bridge players at OMBC. Its purpose is to align the OMBC with its Articles of Incorporation giving Players/Members the opportunity to vote to determine who sits on the Board.


Transition OMBC to a member-based organization as called for by the Articles of Incorporation.

Bondholders Are Not Members

Some might consider bondholders to be members, but the certificates they own bear this statement:

This debenture note has been acquired by the registered holder strictly for investment.

Specifically, no membership is included in holding this debt, nor is any voting right. Repayment of this debt is an important corporate duty, but does not empower the holders to control the corporation

Game Proprietors Profits

Neighboring bridge clubs organized on a membership basis offer their players a better experience with lower fees. The business practices of neighboring clubs provide better financial results. OMBC provides game proprietors profits in excess of any payment to directors in our region.

The Club's operations are subsidized by the City with the goal of offering a great bridge experience to seniors. The Club's unusual compensation practices divert much of the game fees and the City's subsidies to the benefit of a few Game Proprietors. Game Proprietors sitting on the Board and voting on matters affecting their compensation is also a concern.


Our Committee calls for the Board to expeditiously transition the Club to be "organized on a membership basis" as called for by the Articles of Incorporation.

If the Board fails to fulfill their responsibilities, the Committee calls for a Board election to give players the opportunity to elect all Board Members, who will be charged with the organization of a member-based Club.

The Committee further calls for a membership drive to be launched immediately, using membership requirements comparable to neighboring clubs, with a goal of holding an election of a member-elected Board in March, 2015.


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