Letter from Susan Woodman

22 November 2014

To my fellow bridge players and members of the Board,

 After I have played an afternoon of bridge I like to come home and look at the scores and compare my score to what others have done. The new website is difficult and not easy to do what I want to do.

The two websites are like comparing Neiman Marcus to K Mart. I do not understand why we the players have to use a website we don't want to use in order to get our scores. We pay to play the game and the least we can have is a website that is professional and easy to use.

At least post the scores on both sites so that we can take our choice of websites. If some of you like the new website better use it. But from what I'm hearing nobody I have talked to even grades the new website a "D". Please consider making the wishes of the players heard.

 Susan Woodman



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