Letter from Srinivas

10 November 2014



The below email was sent to the Board by Anna (who is my sister) and she has given you permission to publish the same.


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Subject: Re: OMBC and Perry Poole

I too was a student of Perry and used to be a regular at the club games before taking a break to address some life issues. Perry's encouragement was the reason for me to play the game even when I did not have a regular partner(s) to play with.

Do not think anyone can gainsay the immense contributions of Perry to the game of Bridge and more so to OMBC. Due to his efforts OMBC is a vibrant place with many new people playing in the club games.

The decision of the Board was autocratic in nature and their actions do not befit the norms of a civilized society.I request OMBC's Board to reconsider it's decision and revoke Perry's suspension with immediate effect or to conduct an open meeting to discuss the issue(s).


P.S. If any of you want to talk about this then call me at 4074895068

On Friday, October 31, 2014 11:44 AM, SRINIVAS <> wrote:

I was shocked to learn this morning that Perry Poole had been fired by the Board Of Directors of OMBC and that this was done in a surreptitious manner without any regard to due process.

I was introduced to the wonderful game of Bridge through the introduction class taught by Perry.He was a teacher par excellence.There were only couple of us in that class who did not fall within "average age" range of Bridge learner/player profile.Perry keeping the "dying" nature of the game in mind and wanting to ensure the infusion of new blood into the game kept the classes challenging and interesting.After the conclusion of the lessons he encouraged everyone who took the class to participate in the games that are held at the OMBC. Mike Koller who I met in Perry's class and I became bridge partners.Without Perry's encouragement neither of us would have played Bridge.

OMBC board cannot take away the contributions of Perry to this great game and in particular to OMBC.Perry has been instrumental in teaching,encouraging and making many individuals to play at the club games.In fact when I started to play in the "Advanced" room A.K.A "The room of the evil" on Wednesday nights the regulars there appreciated that what Perry was doing on tuesday nights helped good players to start playing wednesday night games thereby increasing their numbers on wednesday. In fact Perry was not concerned about losing his "7 dollars" and kept prodding us (Mike and I) to start playing in the advanced room saying we were ready to face bigger challenges.I know for a fact that if not for Perry OMBC Club games will be a stagnant and boring with same old (no pun intended) faces.For this OMBC if not appreciative at least must not have insulted this man.

I urge the Board of OMBC to reconsider it's decision on firing Perry or at least have the conviction to have an open hearing.By doing this OMBC Board will send out a clear message albeit after few missteps (can be ascribed to "Senility" and excused) that they are not hypocrites preaching to others about "Fair Play" and "Right Behavior" through the various signs on the walls of OMBC when they themselves lack honesty,decency and fairness.

Hope and pray for better sense to prevail.


P.S If anyone on the Board wishes to communicate over the phone please feel free to give me a call at 321-297-9090.


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