Where are the Results from my Game?

10 November 2014

The Board Strikes Back

Editorial- John Christman

The OMBC Board of Directors has requested that game owners stop posting results to this website. In a move sure to endear them to the players at our club, they are attempting to stop our players from looking at this site.

It's a bit encouraging for those of us in the loyal opposition. It shows they are worried.

It is discouraging as a player. It shows that the owners would rather please the Board than their customers. Most players seem to like this website and the way it presents their results.

If your game director seems inclined to avoid this site, it seems that they are reducing your enjoyment of the game in favor of soothing the Board's anxieties. A simple show of hands before the game would establish the preference of the players.

Any director having trouble posting to this site, please email me.

Whose Website is this, Anyway?

Until recently, Susan and I maintained this website. We got no money, and no instruction from the Board. The site is dedicated to the OMBC players, and seeks to provide them with information and bridge results. The player directory, pictures from tournaments, and random other bits have hooked in here, added to the game results. It is free and, I think, provides a valuable service.

Susan resigned recently because of the actions of the Board, leaving me holding the keys to the website. Is it mine? I don't think of it that way. It's still working in service of the players at OMBC. It remains the OMBC website. It does not belong to the Board or the Bridge Center. I pay the bill, but the site belongs to the players.


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