The Board Responds

1 November 2014

The President of the Board Responds

Nancy Hagerty, president of the Board, emailed me on Thursday to express her disappointment at my use of the OMBC website to send my "personal message to all of OMBC."

In her note she cleared up a few other things:

1) Perry is free to continue to teach classes at OMBC, just not to run his club.
2) The reasons for this decision by the Board are "none of your [my] business."
3) She considers my action to constitute destructive propaganda.

Hijacked Website?

Like the building, the bidding boxes and the tables and chairs, this website has never been the property of the Board of Directors. Its function is to provide information to OMBC players about the club and games. Most of you are reading this because you want to view the scored results from a game.

Using the web site for editorial purposes is an expansion of its function, but certainly not a fundamental shift. Like the other parts, it belongs to the people who pay the bills: the players. They deserve to know what's going on. The site continues to provide this service.  I wonder how many players consider this activity 'destructive.'

Where from Here?

 First, for those who don't know me, I am a strong advocate of OMBC, which I think does an admirable job of providing a place to play bridge.  This unfortunate secret decision by its Board is not a reason to destroy OMBC.  It is an indication that its methods need to be reviewed.

I offer the following suggestion:

1) The Board should explain its cancellation of Perry's game,
or reverse this decision and apologize to the people hurt by this mistake.

and 2) A committee should be appointed to revise the club's lease methods. 

John Christman


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