Susan Doesn't Work Here Anymore

31 October 2014

Susan Doesn't Work Here Anymore

After many years of dedicated service, Susan Rowley resigned from the OMBC Board on Monday (10/27). She leaves her post as member  of the Board of Directors, 'One Trick at a Time' creator, webmaster, club photographer and computer service person. She has served our bridge center in many additional ways during her tenure. She resigned in protest of the Board's decision to fire Perry Poole and their method of doing this.

Something is Wrong

At their October meeting, the OMBC Board of Directors voted to fire Perry Poole. The reasons discussed are unknown. Of the 7 Board members, it appears that 4 voted to oust Perry.  These are our board members:

Bill Garrity:
Nancy Hagerty:
Chris Kindt:
Millie Larkin:
Martha McGhee:
Tish Stallard:

As things stand now, Perry's lease will not be renewable in 2015.  He will not be allowed to run his Tuesday night game.


Perry Poole is a club owner and bridge teacher at OMBC. His classes for beginners have been instrumental in introducing many new members to bridge and to our club. His students praise him. New players are the lifeblood of any bridge club.

He also runs a successful Tuesday night game, running 11 to 18 tables per session.  As far as I know, he has done nothing that merits dismissal or any other punitive action.

This Website

The website you are now visiting is intended to provide information about OMBC. Not ordinarily involved in policy, and formerly managed by Susan (the center's ex-Vice President), this topic is a new wrinkle in its existence. As the sole webmaster surviving, I am attempting to rally support for a reversal of the Board's horrible decision.

The bridge center is a community of players. While the Board of Directors performs a vital service in maintaining the facility, it over-reaches its charter when it seeks to impose its will based on personal grudges. In my opinion, grudges are at the root of this decision to fire Perry.

Like Susan, I will not support this Board if they persist in this form of childishly motivated power wielding. This website will close without a webmaster. I appeal to the four Board members to reverse their decision. I suggest that players contact them to persuade them to do this.

John Christman


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