Current Events by Rick Larkin

13 November 2014


Chuck Armbruster has written a very thoughtful letter to the OMBC Board of Directors suggesting that the existing structure governing the club is antiquated and is need of revision. The bylaws were initially written to protect the original bondholders and really do not cover our current circumstances. His letter eloquently states the current circumstances and is available for everyone to see on the website. As Chuck tells us, we game owners really own nothing and the players who are financing the daily operations and activities have no standing at all. In our opinion as both bondholders and game owners, this really should be changed and players have a voice in the management and operations of the club.

There also needs to be some transparency in the deliberations of the board. All which has recently transpired has been done in camera, seemingly without regard to the input from the players impacted or other concerned individuals. We should have in place a mechanism which protects both the needs and requirements of the bridge center and the rights of the individuals in the resolution of differences and disputes.

Charles F. Kettering, noted inventor and businessman, said "The world hated change, yet it is the only thing that has brought progress."

OMBC is a great place to play bridge and we need to have it grow and change with the times.


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