Contribute Money to OMBC
for a Sectional?

Each time OMBC runs a sectional, a plea comes out for food to put on the snack table. If you like to make food, and want to improve our sectional, making a contribution of food is a nice way to do it.

In recent years, the folks running the sectional have started saying, “Bring some food, or make a monetary contribution.” This may seem like an equal trade, but it simply isn’t.

Money contributed to the sectional coffers for food simply shows up on the bottom line when the profitability of the sectional is tabulated. Since OMBC sectionals typically earn $2000-$3000, there is no real shortage of money for snacks at the tournament. The plea for a monetary contribution is simply a way of coupling the guilt over not making any food with OMBC’s greed. Your contribution does not improve our sectional, except to make it more profitable.

Of course, the best way to support a sectional is to attend and play.


--John Christman  7/23/2015