To: The OMBC Board

From: The For The Players Committee

Bill's letter and the minutes of the Board meeting ask the For The Players Committee for an operating plan for the OMBC. The Committee’s grievances are not operational. The Committee’s objective is to correct the following governance issues at the OMBC:

The OMBC was established as a not-for-profit corporation “organized on a membership basis” to serve the interests of local bridge players, particularly seniors. Instead of operating for the benefit of players, the OMBC has focused on benefiting game owners.

1. The OMBC is not in compliance with its Articles of Incorporation. The recent change to the bylaws to define members as bondholders will not stand scrutiny. When the bonds are paid off, there would be no members. Players should have the opportunity to become members and elect the OMBC’s Board.

2. Financial and legal experts have expressed the opinion the OMBC is operating as a “fictitious not-for-profit corporation” stating the OMBC is essentially operating as a not-for-profit cover to benefit game owners.

3. Game owners have a conflict of interest and should not be serving on the OMBC Board.

4. Because of the conflict of interests. The lease agreements between the OMBC and the game owners would be deemed invalid.

5. The lease agreement's content puts the terms and conditions within the "IRS deems" rules of an employer/employee relationship. For this point it actually does not matter if game owners are on the board or not.

The OMBC incurs substantial legal and financial risks by allowing the above governance issues to continue. We are not certain what motivated previous Board’s to deny players the right to vote. The new Board has an opportunity to remedy these issues for the good of the OMBC and the bridge community.

Fortunately, there is a straight forward solution. To remedy the governance issues, the For The Players Committee has proposed the following:

1. Allow players to have the opportunity to become members under reasonable terms.

2. Hold a prompt election allowing players to elect the full Board.

3. Do not allow game owners and directors to serve on the Board.

The members of the For The Players Committee are passionate about bridge and have been longtime supporters of the OMBC. We are eager to volunteer our time and expertise to benefit the OMBC and the bridge community once the governance issues are resolved. We are prepared to help with operations, finance, management, marketing, and bridge mentoring to help the OMBC fulfill its mission.