Merry Christmas, NOBC


Martha McGhee is postponing her retirement for another year. She has announced that she will continue her games at OMBC through 2016.

Martha has also revealed that she will still refuse to combine her sanction with the other game sanctions at the Center. This prevents OMBC from awarding the higher point awards that have helped make NOBC so popular.

Were she to combine her games with open games played on Bennett Road, OMBC could almost double open game awards. The Board could vote to do this, but this board was handpicked by Mrs. McGhee and will not oppose their leader.

Bad news for OMBC open game players.

Good news for the owners and players at NOBC. They will keep their high-scoring advantage!

Merry Christmas, OMBC.

This editorial expresses my personal views and not necessarily those of the committee For the Players.

--John Christman  12/14/2015